About Ruddersafe

Almost all boats powered by an outboard or stern drive engine suffer from: steering and maneuverability during slow sailing and parking of the boat. Especially at lower speeds, the boat sways in all directions. This is because the drive screw serves simultaneously as a rudder. Mooring the boat can therefore take a lot of time and / or damage your boat. Compare it with parking a car without power steering.

The Ruddersafe® is the definitive and effective solution to the known problem of poor maneuverability at low speeds, with which almost all boats with outboard engines or sterndrive have to do with.

Automatic Liftsystem

At higher speeds, a double rudder would cause oversteer and speed loss. The Ruddersafe® is designed in such a way that the water pressure automatically pushes the blades upwards out of the water. If you reduce speed, the Ruddersafe® drops back into the water again, so that you can enjoy stability again.

More Stability

The two rudder blades behind the propeller provide additional steering capacity, resulting in optimum maneuverability, even when the engine is switched off and for both forward and reverse rides.

In addition to a surprisingly good controllability, especially in marinas, locks, narrow waterways and during maneuvering in and out of berths, The Ruddersafe also contributes to a reduction in fuel consumption due to a greatly improved course stability.

Protective function

Another advantage of the Ruddersafe is the protective function when reversing. The blades on the side of the propeller prevent damage to it and the chance that swimmers or divers come into contact with the propeller blades is kept to a minimum.

Less Resistance

With The Ruddersafe it won't or hardly be necessary to carry out continuous course corrections at lower speeds. This is because The Ruddersafe gives less resistance to the flow at lower speeds. This way you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable course.

Ready to install?

Now you almost know everything about the Ruddersafe. View the manual here and you are ready for the installation.