Test report – ANWB Waterkampioen

The Ruddersafe has been around since 1985 and is therefore a real proven invention! Below you will find a beautiful article about the Ruddersafe double rudder, written in the ANWB Waterkampioen, the magazine for watersports enthusiasts! *This article has been translated from Dutch.



Slow sailing with an outboard can be a real disaster when the boat has no other rudder. As long as the outboard exists, there are inventions on the market that more or less improved the steering behavior. Many of them were rather risky for the engine. A new invention, the Ruddersafe, that we tried is safe for the engine and indeed improves steering.


Very antique outboard engines were already equipped with a kind of rudder behind the propeller. This allowed you to steer better with the engine at low speed. For many, many years according to this principle, outboard motor rudders have been marketed in all kinds of shapes. They do not always work to the satisfaction of the engine manufacturer and ultimately the customer.

These rudders are attached to the cavitation plate of the tailpiece with bolts and nuts. With fast sailing and suddenly giving a lot of rudder it can happen that the rudder breaks through the pressure and takes a piece of the tail. Many importers of engines therefore canceled the warranty if such a rudder was fitted.



Getting up at speed
The Ruddersafe, an outboard motor of Norwegian manufacture, is based on a different principle.
This rudder consists of two blades, which come next to the screw. At low speed both blades are folded down and improve steering with the outboard motor considerably. At high speeds the blades blow up due to water pressure and hardly affect the operation of the engine.

We carry an inflatable boat with this outboard motor rudder. With the combination was reasonable to maneuver properly, even with idling engine. With more speed the blades come out of the water and you can do everything that can normally be requested from the combination motorboat.


Easy assembly
Ruddersafe is very simple: at the front of the blades there are two squares that press the blades out of the water as the speed increases. To prevent this from happening at low speed, two springs are mounted on the axles of the pivot points to provide the necessary back pressure. That spring pressure is adjustable.

The Ruddersafe is available in three sizes, depending on the size of the boat.
In the box in which the whole is packed, are the two sheets and the fastening materials. With simple hand tools everyone can mount this auxiliary rudder, helped by the clear instruction booklet.


Source: ANWB Waterkampioen WK 14 from 1985
Text and pictures: Hans Martens
Original (Dutch) scan: See here